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Daniel is known for his fresh, insightful, humorous messages that open up the Bible and show that God’s Truths are uncomplicated to learn and apply in every area of life. Daniel McCluskey encourages and builds others by sharing the true love and grace that God has for the world! He has ministered throughout the world as well as founded and currently pastors Love Life Church in Glendale, Arizona. When not co-pastoring with his wife, Laura, he enjoys hanging with his 2 boys, the outdoors, playing video games and just enjoying life as a papa and husband.

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Loudoun County schools are covering up the rape of a 9th grade girl at the hands of a male, transgender student because it would hurt the pro-trans national narrative.

If it were a straight, white male, his name & face would be everywhere.

Hard to overstate how evil this is.

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Overcoming Exhaustion

Overcoming Exhaustion

I’m exhausted! Not from physical exertion, but mental fatigue. I found myself there a few weeks ago and realized that I was laxing in the principles that I have learned over the years in Scripture. I realized that even though I have not lacked in my time with the Lord...

Faith + The Word

Faith + The Word

"But the Word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it!” Hebrews 4:2 The word profit also means to give an advantage, to make better, to benefit, and to do good! This is what God’s Word will do in your life “If” it is...

Who’s In Your Friendzone?

Today I want to explore the importance of having the right friends in your life as well as the dangers of having bad ones. First, I want you to see the negative side of having the wrong people in your life. Did you know (and this is medically proven) that having the...

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