Well hello everyone! Today we will continue on the “7 Ways to Think for Change.” We have already covered 1-5 and today we finish with the last two. Enjoy!

#6 Think Reasonably

Thinking reasonable is using good judgment, being fair and practical in thought.

“For acquiring a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right and just and fair.” Proverbs 1:3

The above Scripture is talking about receiving God’s Wisdom for life, “to know wisdom.” When we are walking in God’s wisdom, Proverbs shows us that we will also live a life that is “reasonable.” We will do what is right, just, and fair. Thinking reasonably will help you in not demanding more than you should concerning your life as well as the way you see others.

#7 Think Methodically

“So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalms 90:12 This verse is showing us that life is short and we need to make good use of it while we are here. A great picture of this is in the life of Moses. Moses was “educated in all the learning of the Egyptians” Acts 7:22. However, the lessons that he learned in life walking with God were far more important than that “schooled” knowledge he had received. I am not saying that school is not important, but without the Lord in our lives, we are just existing in life until death. Moses’s success came because he trusted God, not his education. In the school of life we need to learn two important lessons; life is brief and it is difficult.

We don’t just exist in life; we live life! We need to think “methodically” or as the Psalmist says, “Number our days” (which means to properly weigh out, to evaluate or consider life). As believers, we have “eternal” life, and our natural life plays an important part to our eternity. Let me show you in God’s Word concerning this importance and I will make a few comments in parentheses below. Before I get to it let me give you a little history on why Paul is writing this.

Paul is writing to the church in Corinth concerning many problems that were taking place there. To begin with, the church at Corinth was a “messed-up” church. Some of its members were guilty of sexual immorality (one guy was having sex with his mother in law), others were constantly getting drunk, and still others were using the grace of God to excuse ungodly living. It was also a divided church, with at least four different groups competing for leadership. Like I said, it was messed up! Paul mentions the word wisdom 10 times in the first two chapters because apparently they had none! They were self-centered and did not live life God’s way. They were more focused on their wants and desires rather than living life with purpose. So Paul gives them a picture of how life really is lived according to God’s view.

“But there are various kinds of materials (truths to live by) that can be used to build on that foundation (The knowledge of Christ’s teachings as the foundation of Truth). Some use gold and silver and jewels (The “gold, silver, precious stones,” which all can withstand fire, are teachings that are true Biblical truths); and some build with sticks and hay or even straw (religious teachings, man’s truths that do not line up with all of Scripture)! There is going to come a time of testing (the truths will be put to a test) at Christ’s Judgment Day to see what kind of material each builder has used (how we all live our lives to the truths we know). Everyone’s work will be put through the fire so that all can see whether it keeps its value (was it Biblical truth or religious/man’s truth), and what was really accomplished (the fruit of those truths). Then every worker who has built on the foundation with the right materials (God’s Word), and whose work still stands, will get his pay (there is payment for living life God’s way). But if the house he has built burns up (religious foundations, false teachings), he will have a great loss. He himself will be saved (you don’t lose salvation, just rewards), but like a man escaping through a wall of flames (you’re in heaven, but no rewards to show that show you lived life right). 1 Corinthians 3:12-15 TLB

So friend, as you see it is very important to live life correctly now. As we have seen this is by renewing the mind. As long as we stay committed to change, we will be building up rewards in heaven! You are not perfect, and God is not asking you to be! He does want us all to live life according to His instructions though. This is NOT a religious life, but an abundant, great life!

So in ending today, let’s think Biblically, think positively, think singularly, think practically, think creatively, think reasonably, and think methodically. No, you can’t do this all at once, but you can use each way to better your Christian walk. By putting the steps to use in your life you will better your life for sure! Have a great week!